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Two newly engaged St. louis couples share their love stories.


Alexis Boudreau, 24 & Brian Feldt, 27

Occupations: I am a brand and content development analyst at Scottrade, and Brian is an associate regional editor at
Meet Cute: I was on top of the parking garage near the former Adam’s Mark hotel in Downtown St. Louis, watching the Cardinals play the winning game of the 2006 World Series. As we were celebrating the win, I looked down at the street and there was Brian—with his Cardinals hoodie on and beers in both hands, cheering louder than anyone I’d ever heard. The friend I was with told me, “That’s Brian Feldt. He’s our sports reporter.”
First Date: I guess it depends on what you consider a first date. Maybe it was a Tuesday “dollar night” at Hangar 9, a bar in our college town. Maybe it was the time we left a party and went to a gas station together to buy scratch-off lottery tickets. (We ended up buying 12 of them—we kept winning!) Or, maybe it was the time we officially sat down to our first dinner together at Houlihan’s. (He ordered chicken fingers.)
The Proposal: Brian asked me to marry him on May 18, 2012. We were in our living room after work, getting ready for my entire family to come visit for the weekend. He sat me down on the couch, told me that he loved me, and then blurted out: “I bought an engagement ring.”
Perfect Date Night: Catching a Cardinals or Blues game during the day, then heading over to Schlafly Tap Room to grab a few of whatever beer is in season. After that, we could head somewhere to listen to music—bonus points if it’s our favorite local St. Louis band, Jon Hardy & The Public. We saw them at Loufest in 2011, and have been hooked ever since.
Our Song: “Strawberry Swing” by Coldplay. Even though it’s not a full-blown slow song, we’re determined for that to be our first dance.
The Big Day: June 29, 2013, at Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church, with a reception at The Old Rock House.

Rachael McCormick, 27 & Justin Arnold, 30

Occupations: I am the director of special events at Third Degree Glass Factory, and Justin is the sales manager of installed services at The Home Depot.
First Date: We met online, so our first in-person meeting was a short coffee date. We sat in front of the fireplace at Kaldi’s and just talked for a few hours. A week later, we went out to dinner at a hibachi restaurant. At the end of the night, Justin walked me to my door, kissed me and said, “Toodles!” I knew then and there that he was the one for me.
The Proposal: On March 16, 2012, Justin tricked me into thinking that we were going to get Oberweis ice cream in the valley, so I was totally surprised when he dropped to one knee outside the Kaldi’s next door—where we first met! All of the people sitting outside drinking coffee were witnesses to the proposal, so when I said “yes,” everyone started applauding and cheering for us. It was like a scene out of a movie!
Together we like to: We enjoy riding our bikes in Forest Park or on Grant’s Trail. We also enjoy the Saint Louis Art Museum, St. Louis Symphony and the Fox Theatre. Of course, nothing beats a movie night at home, snuggled up with the dogs!
Believe it or not: We like to make up songs about the stuff we’re doing. These songs are usually loaded with ’80s heavy beats and high-pitched voices. I’m not quite sure how this got started, but it’s definitely our “thing” now!
The Big Day: Sept. 21, 2013, at Bee Tree Park Mansion Garden, with a reception at Third Degree Glass Factory



Alexis Boudreau & Brian Feldt

Alexis Boudreau & Brian Feldt


Rachael McCormick & Justin Arnold


Photo credit: Jason M. Johnson Photography; Megan Thiele Studios

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