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Three St. Louis couples share their engagement stories.


Elizabeth Drury, 28 & Mike Heidger, 28

HOW WE MET: Mike and I first met at a high school party in 1999 and have been friends ever since. In 2003, Mike and his friend Rex stayed with me for a weekend in Kansas City for an O.A.R concert. During his stay, Mike told me how he felt about me, and after he left to head home, I began to think about him in a different light. It only took me about a month to realize that I felt the same way. I came home to St. Louis some time later, and we hung out one night. When it came time for our goodbyes, we shared our first kiss and have been together ever since.

THE PROPOSAL: Mike generally likes to relax on his days off, so when he told me he was going to play frisbee golf with a friend, I asked him why he never wanted to do that kind of thing with me. He said, “You’re right, why don’t we go to that trail you always talk about this Saturday?” I was thrilled because I had been trying to get him to go with me to Castlewood Park for over a year! We arrived and reached the top of the bluff with a stunning view of the Meramec River. I stepped towards the edge, then turned around to see Mike down on one knee, holding out the most gorgeous ring I had ever seen. Mike looked up at me and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. I could barely speak, but managed to say “yes!” As we walked back down the trail, I began to cry out of total surprise and happiness. Almost all of my friends and family knew what was happening long before I did, yet somehow he managed to do a great job of surprising me.

September 22, 2012 at Wine Country Gardens in Defi ance, MO.


HOW WE MET:Billy and I met in 2010 when he became my personal trainer. Although I had requested a female trainer, I found myself instantly comfortable with him. Our relationship remained strictly friendship as he trained me, until a few months later when we ran into each other at a bar. Later, he worked out with my dad and gave him a birthday card to give to me. Our first date was a walk in Millennium Park, after which we got ice cream and sat in his truck talking all night long. We went to a Cardinals game a few days later and our romance has grown ever since!

Billy told me we had a wedding reception to go to, so I was surprised when he came to pick me up in a white limo, dressed in a full tux and holding a hot-pink rose. We drove to my high school, John F. Kennedy, where he reminded me how we both wished we had known each other back then so we could have danced at our senior prom. He gave me a corsage and led me into the school, where a sign read, “Prom: Class of Meg & Billy.” The room was lit with twinkling lights and a disco ball as we danced. Our favorite song, “Marry Me” by Train, was playing in the background when Billy dropped to one knee and presented a custom-made, center-cut diamond ring from Genovese Jewelers with the letter “A” engraved on the side for “Adkison.” I immediately started crying and said, “yes!” The limo took us to Harpo’s Bar & Grill where my family and close friends were waiting as we walked in wearing our king and queen crowns.

September 15, 2012 at St. Monica Catholic Church and Four Seasons Hotel St. Louis.



Elizabeth Drury & Mike Heidger

Elizabeth Drury & Mike Heidger


Meg Meyer & Billy Adkison


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