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Two newly engaged St. Louis couples share their love stories.


Rachel Collins, 25 & Scott Moore, 26

Occupations: I am a member services supervisor at Enterprise Holdings, and Scott is an energy investment salesman at Anton’s Air Conditioning and Heating.

Believe it or not: People are always surprised to find out that we have been together for 10 years. We met in high school and have been together ever since! Not many people in their mid-20s can say they’ve been in a relationship for that long.

First Date: I consider our first date the night that Scott asked me to be his girlfriend, which is standard procedure for a high-school couple. We were at my mother’s house at the time, hanging out with friends.

The Proposal: It happened on the patio at Todd English’s Olives at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. We were there to celebrate my mom’s birthday on what everyone believed to be a lucky day, 11/11/11. As Scott rose to give a “happy birthday” toast, it quickly turned into a beautiful proposal overlooking the famous Bellagio fountains.

Together we like to: We both enjoy dining out, trying new restaurants and entertaining family and friends at our house. We are also big St. Louis sports fans, so we enjoy going to games or watching them together on TV. One of our greatest memories together was experiencing the 2011 World Series win at Mike Shannon’s Downtown—that was such a great night!

Ideal St. Louis date night: We typically end up in the CWE for date night; I attended St. Louis University for my undergrad, so we lived in Midtown together for two years and have spent a lot of time there. We have so many favorites that I can’t pick just one, but we end up at Drunken Fish often.

Our relationship in three words: Exciting, strong and comfortable.

Our Song: “Love Song” by 311.

The Big Day: September 14, 2013, at The Chase Park Plaza Hotel.

Jennifer Bostic, 28 & Noah Boland, 32

Occupations: I am the director of marketing and promotions at American Deli Products, Inc., and Noah is a self-employed insurance adjuster.

Believe it or not: We actually met at a “divorce party” for a mutual friend. It was a pool party, so my friends and I were just relaxing by the pool. Noah and his brother came over and started talking to us. I must admit, I found him adorable!

First Date: We went out for sushi then headed to The Funny Bone in Westport for a comedy show. After the show, we went to a blues bar, listened to some live music and talked more. It was a great first date—we both love food, laughing and music!

The Proposal: It happened on March 30, 2012, while we were biking on the Katy Trail near Pere Marquette State Park. Noah planned a surprise proposal dinner with 30 of our closest friends and family at Tony’s in downtown Alton, IL. I thought we were just going to dinner with a few friends until I walked into the private dining room and was completely surprised to find our parents, siblings and best friends. He coordinated to have my dad, stepmom and brother fly in from North Carolina and one of my best friends from Kansas City as well. It was such a wonderful surprise!

Our Song: “Whatever It Is” by Zac Brown Band.

Perfect Date Night: We live in South City and love that we are able to walk to so many great local places. One of our favorite date spots is Onesto. We love walking there to enjoy some delicious Italian food and sangria. We typically end the evening with an after-dinner drink at The Mack, a neighborhood bar close to our house.

The Big Day: September 21, 2013, at The Sheldon Concert Hall.



Rachel Collins & Scott Moore

Rachel Collins & Scott Moore


Jennifer Bostic & Noah Boland


Photo credit: Sarah Corbett Photography and Kelly Pratt Photography

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