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A newly engaged St. Louis couple shares their love story.


Mallory Nezam, 28, & Andy Mullenix, 36

Our Occupations: I’m a social media manager at Elasticity, as well as a yoga instructor at Urban Breath and an artist. Andy is a programmer at Montage Healthcare Solutions. 

First Sight: The first time our paths crossed was at a casual event at Blank Space on Cherokee Street almost three years ago. We continued to run into each other periodically, but our first real meeting was during a group bike ride in January of 2014. 

First Date: We fulfilled an inside joke and watched a horrible film called “Stoic,” laughing about how bad it was the entire time. We ended the night with red wine on his epic rooftop overlooking Cherokee Street. 

The Proposal: After seeing some amazing spokenword poets on Jan. 15, we went to Lafayette Park where he popped the question. He used a line from one of my favorite poets, John Ashbury. There was this great energy and specialness about the day that was very tangible and unforgettable. And Andy actually made the ring himself!

Together, We Like To: We get outside every second we can—we would bike every day if we could! We like to travel, learn new things and make things. We also love to find beautiful spots to post up and write joint poems where we take turns writing lines. We also share an affinity for red wine and cats. 

Our Ideal St. Louis Date: An adventure, like doing something we’ve never done before in a part of town we don’t know well, then just letting the night unfold. Probably tucked in there somewhere would be some really good wine. 

Words That Describe Us: “Like the dirt drinks up water and becomes the soil—not changed, but more than the sum.” 

Our Song: Our first “love” song was “Let it Breathe” by the Water Liars, then “Bang, Bang” by Dalida and, more recently, “To Build a Home” by The Cinematic Orchestra. 

The Big Day: June 27, 2015, in the backyard of my mother’s house in Crestwood, Missouri




Photo credit: Josh Nezam

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