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Bar Manager Matt Seiter is immortalizing Sanctuaria’s cocktail club and menu of 150 masterfully mixed cocktails in a book titled “The Stick.” Not your typical cocktail book list of recipes, “The Stick” does it all in the context of the cocktail club and the unique interaction between its members and mixologists. The book paints a picture of the Sanctuaria scene and describes the origins and culture of the cocktail club, including photos from events like Cocktails By Candlelight, before launching into a drink-by-drink tour of the menu.

For the first 80 cocktails, “The Classics,” Seiter gives a recipe for the Sanctuaria version and points to other books where readers can find the recipe it was based on. Cocktails 81-150 are Santuaria originals, so he shares the story behind each one’s creation. In a “Home Cooking” chapter, Seiter even describes how to craft some of the house-made syrups, tinctures and bitters Sanctuaria uses behind the bar. Seiter isn’t too worried about giving his secrets away, he says, because “we share information across the bar all the time—why not do it across the nation?”

The book will be available first at Sanctuaria, so keep an eye on to find out when you can get your hands on it.



Prince of Jalisco, from The Stick

Prince of Jalisco, from The Stick


The Stick by Matt Seiter


Photo credit: Cocktail photo by Attilio D’Agostino

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