Q&A With Andy Foerstel And Melissa Pfeiffer Of Intoxicology In The Grove

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If you’ve been a stranger to The Grove lately, it’s about time you visited. The past few months have given way to a plethora of new and diverse businesses, offering things from kitchen goods to curvy couture. (Lemon Gem and Curve Junkie, respectively.) And now the neighborhood is saying hello to a new business: Intoxicology.

Officially opened Dec. 10, Intoxicology offers a one-stop shop for mixologists, barware-hobbyists and everyone in between. Co-owners Andy Foerstel and Melissa Pfeiffer fell in love with the St. Louis mixology scene and wanted to bring a unique shopping experience to the city—and The Grove location was not picked on a whim. Read our Q&A below with Foerstel and Pfeiffer to learn more about Intoxicology and its Grove homestead.

Sounds like Intoxicology is a place for us to stock our bar carts (and more) with neat offerings. What else do you provide?
Melissa Pfeiffer: We offer cocktail classes providing an intimate, informative hands-on experience, as well as the option to host private tastings.

Andy Foerstel: Customers can also purchase a half-ounce taster of any of our spirits, too.

What are some unique items one can find at Intoxicology?
AF: Copitas (traditional drinking cups for Mezcal), Kold Draft ice cubes, shrubs (drinking vinegars), vintage glassware, bourbon-smoked spices and much more.

Your focus is on small-batch products. Why do you feel that’s important?
AF: There are some amazing artisan producers with great backstories putting out some of the best spirits you will taste—we felt they needed a place to be showcased.

MP: We wanted to spotlight not only producers blazing new trails with technique and flavor profiles, but also those embracing old family-distilling traditions.

Why did The Grove seem like a good place for Intoxicology?
AF: We knew Intoxicology was going to be unique to St. Louis and decided it had to be in the city. At that point The Grove was a no-brainer.

MP: The Grove’s diversity and energy provide the perfect backdrop for our vision.


What do you think makes the neighborhood special?
MP: The businesses here all pull for one another. Park Central Development has done a great job of making The Grove a destination not only by the events they organize, but also by how they continue to improve the streetscape.

AF: This really is a very forward-thinking community.

What specific need is the store fulfilling for the people in the city?
MP: We provide a personal and informative shopping experience. We cater to both the cocktail-curious and the seasoned mixologist.

AF: The cocktail culture is thriving in St. Louis and Intoxicology is adding to that. We have everything one would need under one roof.

What do you think is making the neighborhood the “it” location for these new businesses?
MP: It’s easily accessible whether you live in the city or county. It’s also a great mix of old and new—there is something for everyone.

What other types of businesses do you hope to see in The Grove?
AF: Retail is the last piece. We can’t wait to see The Grove become a full-day destination.

You’re done with work for the day—where do you go in the neighborhood to unwind?
There are no bad choices, but at the end of a long day you can find us at our next-door neighbor, Layla. Great food and drinks.

Check out Intoxicology Tuesday through Sunday at 4321 Manchester Ave. And while you’re there, explore all the rest that’s new in The Grove—because the next time you visit this stretch of Manchester, it may change even more.

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