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As artists have embraced cities like St. Louis, well-known for its low cost of living, high quality of life and thriving art community, the city continues to see artists grow and flourish here. If you’re an experienced collector or just curious, below you’ll find St. Louis-based artists who make exceptional work available for purchase.

1. Damon Davis
St. Louis artist Damon Davis‘ pointed works demand attention and self-reflection from viewers. The influential artist’s latest show at The Luminary, called “Darker Gods in the Garden of the Low-Hanging Heavens,” develops a stunning aesthetic experience around 12 Black Gods he envisioned.

2. Jamie Adams
St. Louis artist Jamie Adams is a master of figurative work, deftly configuring compositions through oil on canvas that evoke far more than a perfectly rendered human form. The artist’s “Jeannie” series, an homage to actress Jean Seberg, works in elements of self-portrait while capturing the subject’s painful longing.

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Photo credit: Jamie Adams

3. Jeff Aeling
Aeling’s photorealistic oil paintings of the Mississippi River range from large pieces that would become the focal point of any room to smaller, personalized experiences of the river and its surrounding environment. Aeling’s emotive use of color and composition would add a striking addition to any collection.

4. Heather Bennett
Artist Heather Bennett‘s video and large-scale photographic works have a knack for showcasing themes of excess and sexuality with just as much soul as her thoughtful images of gifts wrapped with a tight bow, with the artist often appearing in the images herself as an offering to the content and form.

5. Yvonne Osei
Local artist and curator-in-residence at St. Louis’ COCA (Center of Creative Arts), Yvonne Osei’s exceptional talents make their way into powerful, demanding photography among other ventures, which command viewer attention with powerful subject matter and bright pops of color.

6. Peter Manion
Artist and sculptor Peter Manion took a 10-year hiatus and returned to artmaking with a bang, crafting sculptural works and paintings on paper that evoke the chunky lines of Henri Matisse or Max Beckmann. The artist’s La Fragua works on paper are particularly stunning.

7. Brandon Anschultz
Our love affair with the abstract works of St. Louis artist Brandon Anschultz has not waned since our feature last year discussing his sensitive mixed-media works, which explore autobiographical elements of the artist’s life. For a particularly meaningful, powerful piece of art, an Anschultz is the way to go.

best st louis artist brandon anschultz bruno david gallery alive magazine st louis

Photo credit: Brandon Anschultz

8. Edo Rosenblith
An up-and-coming talent, St. Louis-based artist Edo Rosenblith portrays universal themes of humanity, like gathering together for a meal or the seven deadly sins, with operatic, grandiose and highly detailed imagery. You’ll see Rosenblith’s work grace the Midwest in a variety of forms, from commissioned murals to installations at The Kemper Museum in Kansas City.

9. Ken Worley
Artist Ken Worley‘s whimsical, highly detailed and texture-rich oil stick landscapes on canvas evoke a dream-like, picturesque environment, where you’ll find bright orange and green neon depictions of trees and the natural environment that invite viewer curiosity and excitement. Worley’s work would be a beautiful addition to any collection.

10. Lisa Bulawsky
Lisa Bulawsky‘s elegant, minimal works on paper make the most of the abstract form with muted colors that evokes strong visual intrigue, with a meditative aesthetic that encourages thoughtful contemplation and calmness.

Cover image courtesy of RhondaK.

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