Pü Fest Returns for a Third Year

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St. Louis’ very own underground music festival, otherwise known as Pü Fest, is set to occur for the third year in a row this August. Since its debut in 2014, the event has garnered more attention and anticipation with each year. With humble beginnings in the basement of Empire Hall, the festival has booked Blank Space in the heart of Cherokee Street’s art district for this year’s weekend of DIY music. The 2016 lineup boasts bigger names and a larger venue than years past.

Photo Courtesy of Tom Brener and Pü Fest

Photo Courtesy of Tom Bremer and Pü Fest

Given its strategic location and vision, Pü Fest provides a vibrant snapshot of the growing independent arts scene in St. Louis. It consistently attracts diverse crowds and performers and celebrates unique expression. In creating an intersection of talented local acts and nationally acclaimed bands, it exposes artists and patrons to musicians they might not otherwise encounter.

Unlike profit-driven music festivals, all of the event’s proceeds go directly toward the artists. As event curator Luc Michalski says, “We love independent music, independent thought, weirdos, mish-mashes, and we’ll never make a dime off it.”

Prior to Pü Fest, there seemed to be something missing from St. Louis’ independent music scene. Festival founders Luc Michalski, Mike Herr and Pat Boland, friends and music aficionados, sought to fill that gap in a special way. Their vision first came to fruition in September of 2014.

“We all knew St. Louis has a really incredible community of artists and we didn’t think that there was any kind of large event that actually reflected that community or any large event in town whose intentions were pure,” says Michalski.

The festival’s vision to feature and financially support featured artists filled a vital need for local artists that might lack the funds and promotional materials to draw a crowd. Not only does Pü Fest provide support for local musicians, it also seeks to further the success and exposure of local businesses and creatives around the St. Louis area. Michalski, Herr and Boland want to showcase the hard work and success of the creatives in our dynamic community.

Underrepresented local bands and acclaimed touring artists are made accessible to music enthusiasts in St Louis at an affordable price: only 30 dollars for the entire weekend and 20 dollars for a day pass. Performers include St. Louis acts like Beauty Pageant, Jack Grelle, and Fister along with national acts like Flux Bikes of Chicago, Idle Bloom from Nasvhille, Jessica Pavone from New York City along with many others.

Michalski encourages everyone, even the skeptics, to come out for the festival’s third year: “Year 3, officially called PuF3st, is going to be bigger than ever! Expand your brains! See something new! See something you don’t like and then talk about it! See something you do like and then admit you liked it!”.

Visit the tumblr page for tickets and more information: http://pufest.tumblr.com/

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