Planned Parenthood's ChoiceArt Auction To Celebrate Fifth Anniversary

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ChoiceArt, one of the city’s most impactful auctions of local and regional art, celebrates its fifth anniversary with its annual event, to take place Nov. 8 at the Contemporary Art Museum (3750 Washington Blvd.). Another year of expansion brings the total number of the new and emerging artists represented to 37 (up 12 from 2013).

“As an artist, I enjoy seeing my friends and seeing new art and seeing all the of the people who are coming out to support it,” ChoiceArt co-founder and curator Deanna Chafin says. “Last year, we had more than 400 people come to the event, and to see the room that crowded with people who believe in the mission of Planned Parenthood is really exciting. We’re thrilled with the response from the audience and contributions from the artists,” she says.

While sipping signature cocktails or bubbly from the VIP champagne toast, guests will be able to check out the artwork, which varies in scale and price—those with large loft walls are especially going to want to check out the event, Chafin says. “People are donating large large pieces–that’s the kind of art that you’re going to find at the event. We have a piece that’s nine feet long,” she says. “Our minimum this year was $500 donation, but we have pieces that are valued at $3,000. When our audiences go home at night, we want them to feel like they’re collectors of an artist.”

Most importantly, the money raised goes straight to St. Louis’ Planned Parenthood programs, staying local to benefit the community directly. Last year, Chafin says, the event raised $35,000.

“I hope to see the event grow as an awareness for women’s reproductive rights that are being assaulted,” Chafin says. “I’m glad that we have that many supporters so we can raise awareness to raise votes and have the votes that we need to move forward – it’s important.”

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