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Delicious thin-crust pizza is served at Red L Pizza in Ladue.


Gourmet pizza to go is the name of the game at Red L Pizza, now open in Ladue. The spot, which opened late last year, serves a selection of thin-crust pizza, salads, sandwiches and a few other la carte items. Seasoned restaurateurs John Rice (Redels, Space) and Lee Redel are the team behind Red L, and although its a small, carry-out-only eatery, Red L serves up big flavors for lunch and dinner daily.

From the pizza offerings, theres an impressive list of additional options that include a “no sauce” version made with organic extra virgin olive oil, or you can substitute soy cheese or feta cheese instead of mozzarella. The regular thin-crust menu features about 40 toppings such as roasted pine nuts, scallions,Virginia ham, fresh arugula and even organic, nitrate-free all beef hot dognot bad for teeny take-out spot. Even the pickiest diners will find a slice to try from the list of “designer” pizzas that range from the standard (basil, tomato and mozzarella) to the slightly strange (Miche de Vande; French meatloaf with onion). A cheeseburger pizza, Greek pizza and mushu pizza round out the rest and are as flavorful as their exotic counterparts
(9769 Clayton Rd., Ladue, 314.997.7070).



BBQ Chicken Pizza

Pizza To-Go-Go’s BBQ Chicken Pizza


Photo credit: Photos by Josh Monken

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