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STL Improv Anywhere dares city dwellers to fluff their favorite throws, tap into their inner-child and join in on the second annual, city-wide pillow fight.

We all know that life can get a little monotonous. Sometimes we don’t realize it until we wake up one day, suddenly stuck in a rhythm of sameness. For some people, that works. But for a lot of us—myself included—we need some spice. We need pizzazz, something to rattle us around, to reset, to laugh. We at STL Improv Anywhere believe that nothing does this quite like the absurd. It has the capacity to disarm and lighten us up. We have seen it tear down boundaries and bring people together. This is why STL Improv Anywhere hosts events like International Pillow Fight Day. We know you loved the pajama bash as a kid—why stop now? This year, the event happens on April 6 at 2pm in Cricket Field, Forest Park. All you need is your pillow.

[iframe width=”100%” height=”480″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/PFaN_59DvOw”]

Pillow Fight Day became a large international celebration in 2008, when the event spread to cities all over the world. This is the second year STL Improv Anywhere is hosting the event here in St. Louis. Last year’s occasion brought together 50+ costume-clad St. Louisans of all ages. People were dressed in capes and pajamas, and one guest even showed up as Pillow Man!

This isn’t your typical pillow fight. (Is there such a thing?) True to our spirit of improvisation and creativity, we introduced pillow fight “challenges,” like spining around 10 times and fighting, fighting like a zombie, fighting in slow motion, etc. This year, we are adding new, funky challenges to keep you on your toes.

After the 30-minute cacophony of chaos, you will feel like you’ve just played a full soccer game, had sex, volunteered for a charity and chopped off all your hair. It’s a mixture of peaceful, elated and exhausted. This is why at the end of the battle last year, we had everyone lay down and take a nap. This is where the spirit of Pillow Fight Day and all of our events come full circle: looking out at the sea of people lying in the grass in Forest Park, I spotted strangers’ legs strewn on top of each other, a pile of kids cuddling by Pillow Man, laughter amongst new friends and people just peacefully closing their eyes. We stayed like this for about 10 minutes, blissfully sweaty, not really knowing what had hit us—pun intended.

Photo by STL-style.com.

STL Improv Anywhere is best known for the infamous No Pants Metrolink Ride, which we have been hosting for three years and counting. We also sprinkle magic around St. Louis on Valentine’s Day as we deliver handmade cards to strangers. We have presented a flash musical, pretended to be security guards, held a live auction on a bus…and that just begins to break the surface. In the past two-plus years, we have produced 36 unique performances and events throughout the city. Our intention is to shake up the everyday and create opportunities for St. Louisans to creatively and intimately engage with each other and their city.

STL Improv Anywhere wants to bring you more of these opportunities to interact with your city through off-kilter events. But in order to do so, we need your help! STL Improv Anywhere is growing, but doesn’t have the funds to meet the increasing demand for our events. Please help us bring you more exciting opportunities like Pillow Fight Day possible by making a donation. Through our current FUNdraiser on Indiegogo, you will receive fun gifts when you donate, like a handwritten love note, a photo booth story strip or even an interactive scavenger hunt! The fundraiser ends on April 19 at midnight.

Come see what all the fuss is about. We promise to go easy on you.

For more information about STL Improv Anywhere, visit the website and find the group on Facebook and Twitter (@STLImprovAnywr).

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