Personal Space: Amie & Rob Corley

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This couple incorporates several styles, from funky to functional to modern, to create a space uniquely their own.


Just because a house has some age on it doesnt mean it has to be stuffy or boring. Take, for example, Rob and Amies stately Central West End manse. Designed by Barnett, Hayes & Barnett, the architects of the Cathedral Basilica among other St. Louis landmarks, the house was completed in 1907 for Charles C. Spink, one of the founders of The Sporting News. The place has history to spare, and the Corleys have definitely stayed true to the basic form of the house. It still boasts the original detailed millwork, dark hardwood floors and even some of the original window panes. But this creative couple have definitely incorporated their own sense of fun and style into their home. As an interior decorator, Amie uses the house as a calling card of sorts. Its proven to be an ideal canvas for her work. “We wanted it to be young and fun, but still elegant,” she says.

The first floor balances a modern, airy look with traditional charm. The all-white dining room is clean and crisp, and a James Michalopoulos painting of a vintage car hung between two crystal sconces nicely balances formal and fun. Whites and pastels on the walls and fabrics in the sun room and sitting rooms help avoid the heavy, dark look so often associated with turn-of-the century homes like this. And funky furniture finds from eBay and Craigslist provide frugal, functional fashion. “I want things to be beautiful, but not so precious that Ill cry for a year if they break,” Amie saysa good mindset to have when your household includes an active 2-year-old, Henry, and assorted dogs and cats.

The third floor features a ballroom, which now sports teal walls and bright pop-art furniture. It sees duty as Henrys play room, Amies workspace, a family sitting room and an area for entertaining. Additional rooms off of this grand space include a guest room and a music room for Robs impressive array of guitars, amps and home recording gear.

While his day job is associate director of the ER at St. Joseph Health Center in St. Charles, Rob is also an artist, and his touch is everywhere, from the mosaic portrait of a 1957 Chevy made with Mardi Gras beads in Henrys room, to the beaded chair and fireplace in the music room to the original paintings of favorite guitars on the back stairway.

Theyve put in plenty of workAmie says it took her six months just to strip and redo the back staircase, and, though theyve been in the home more than five years nowits still a work in progress.



Amie & Rob Corley

Amie & Rob Corley and their son Henry show off their personal space


Amie & Rob Corley

Clean and crisp furniture pairings


Amie & Rob Corley

Guitar-inspired art paired with funky furniture


Amie & Rob Corley

Clean and crisp furniture pairings


Amie & Rob Corley

All-white dining room


Amie & Rob Corley

Amie & Rob’s son Henry in his ballroom-turned playroom


Photo credit: Photography by Jennifer Silverberg

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