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SAM HALL, Founding Member and Managing Partner, Warner Hall Thornhill of Dielmann Sotheby’s International Realty

Sam Hall Photo by Matt Kile

Photo by Matt Kile

As a city resident who thrives by being on the crest of change and innovation, realtor Sam Hall is excited about where St. Louis is headed and knows just what he can do to help the city’s progress. By bringing national attention to St. Louis’s diverse architectural styles and historically significant buildings, and by encouraging growth in the city, Hall and his colleagues at Warner Hall Thornhill are helping position St. Louis as one of America’s “Great Cities.”

When guiding locals and future residents through the process of making what is often the largest purchase in their lives, Hall says his job is really promoting and protecting the unique nature of the city’s historic neighborhoods. By keeping a focus on telling the story of the home and its community, his team is doing its part to help St. Louis redefine and reestablish itself to a new wave of residents.

To learn even more about Hall and Warner Hall Thornhill, we asked a few more questions.

What is your personal mission statement or one quote you live by?

Every morning brings with it two choices: continue to sleep and enjoy your dreams, or wake up and make them reality.

Are you involved with any charities/philanthropic causes?

I like to support Forest Park Forever, as I believe it is truly the gem of St. Louis and a major factor for reinvigoration of the real estate values in the Central Corridor. Also, I believe strongly that especially younger St. Louisans should be involved with and support our local arts and cultural institutions like CAM, the STL Ballet, the Symphony Orchestra, St. Louis Opera Theater, SLAM and Missouri History Museum. We are lucky to be a small city with such amazing thriving arts scene, but that will only last through loyal patronage.

What is the most rewarding part of your career?

The most rewarding part of my work is truly being at the center of change in our community. Helping our clients move from one part of town to another, those moving in, and those moving out … you really get a sense of what’s happening around town and where St. Louis is headed. We meet so many wonderful and incredibly interesting people, see incredible homes and make life-long friends just in the normal course of our work. And, each day is different than the last.

Who has made the biggest impact on your professional life?

Meeting my business partner, Jeffery Warner, was most definitely a turning point in my career. His tutelage has made me the success that I am today, and I can truly say that I have learned more in the five years we have worked together than I could have ever have imagined. Our likemindedness in many areas and our differences in an even greater number of ways makes us ideal partners. We are both very competitive people who view life as an adventure to be pursued passionately, and our clients feel this instantly.

How do you hope to be remembered?

I hope to be remembered as someone who gave generously, viewed the world with optimism, worked diligently, thought creatively and lived fearlessly! Years from now, I would like to be able to look back and say that I left a legacy in St. Louis Real Estate that will last well beyond me, improved the development of our community and helped to protect some of St. Louis’ greatest architectural and historic treasures.

Name one thing on your personal bucket list.

I am currently pursuing completing the Seven Summits—climbing the seven highest mountains on the seven different continents. I have already completed Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and Mt. Elbrus in Russia. Mt. Everest, here I come!

What is your biggest source of inspiration?

I have always found my greatest source of inspiration to be looking inward: Finding a voice of confidence and self-motivation is what has always propelled me through difficult times and helped me excel and grow in good times. It’s a lesson that I have learned time and time again both in my work and on the mountains I’ve climbed.  

What recent accomplishment are you most proud of?

I am very proud that after much hard work and adding a great third partner to our team, Warner Hall Thornhill has become one of the top teams in all of St. Louis City and County, with the highest average sales price of any team in the area, and is the number one team for Sotheby’s in the state of Missouri. And, I am very proud to be St. Louis’ top agent under 40.

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