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PAUL REIGELSBERGER, General Manager of Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams


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With a home furnishings background that spans 16 years and covers nearly every area of the business, Paul Reigelsberger is a true expert when it comes to home design. But he’s also well versed in the art of how to treat people. As General Manager of Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, his approach is directed by a commitment to equality—for his design team and customers alike.

That’s key to what makes his work with MGBW so fulfilling. He notes that working for a company with such a strong sense of integrity—from the quality of its product to the way it values each employee—is inspiring. The company’s recent partnership with nonprofit Interfaith Alliance, for which Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams stores display signs proclaiming “We Serve Everyone Only!,” is a clear message to him that the company is committed to creating spaces—both inside the home and out—that are not only stylish but comfortable for everyone.

To learn even more about Reigelsberger and Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, we asked a few more questions.

What is your personal mission statement or one quote you live by?

Be grateful. Be inspiring. Be impactful and sometimes, just be.

 Are you involved with any charities/philanthropic causes? 

Sometimes it’s challenging to hone in on an organization because there are so many great causes. One I have respected for many years is Habitat for Humanity. I had the opportunity many years ago to work on a site in Miami rebuilding a neighborhood destroyed by hurricane Andrew. It was incredibly rewarding and I still attempt to support this organization locally.

Other favorites are Micro Financing Partners in Africa, which a dear family friend began about 10 years ago. The US business world could learn lessons on integrity from this purposeful model.

And PAWS (Pets Are Wonderful Support), a program operated by STL-EFA.

 What is the most rewarding part of your career?

At an industry conference years ago, a speaker—whom I apologize for not remembering his name to be able to credit him with this perspective—basically said … being in the home furnishings and design industry is an amazing gift.

On a daily basis, we’re given the opportunity to impact the way people interact and live.  We are able to hopefully enhance their home, their office, their sanctuaries, where the most important moments of their lives and their loved ones lives happen. We have a responsibility to put their best interest first.

Who has made biggest impact on your professional life?

I grew up on a family farm in Mid-Missouri. I feel blessed to have learned a strong work ethic firsthand from my parents and siblings.  There was always work to do, and there was a responsibility to make sure it was done. Giving up was never an option.

How do you hope to be remembered?

During the journey and in the end, I hope my husband, family and friends know that they were loved, valued and that they matter. 

Name one thing on your personal bucket list?

I would love to spend some time traveling and absorbing the culture in my ancestors’ native countries: Germany and Austria.

What is your biggest source of inspiration?

I look at this question from a design perspective. Nature is a big influence for me right now … The mix and vibrance of colors sometime amaze me. Architecture/skyscrapers from the early 1900s inspire and fascinate me as well.

What recent accomplishment are you most proud of?

Celebrating my first year with Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams-STL. Introducing a new brand to St. Louis poses interesting challenges. I’m happy to be an ambassador of this company and tell the story of our value and quality.

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