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ELLE POTTER, Founder & President of Yoga Buzz

Elle Potter of Yoga Buzz

Photo by Matt Kile

For Elle Potter, the wonder behind the one-woman phenomenon that is Yoga Buzz, her job is a love letter to St. Louis. Sure, there are the nitty-gritty aspects of running a nonprofit, like marketing, logistics and paying the bills, but gathering St. Louisans of all ages, abilities and interests for yoga in unexpected locations around the city is how she takes her words and puts them into action. “I hope Yoga Buzz continues to inspire people to be active and explore their city. I’m watching friendships that are developing between strangers who take a class, and an incredible community is growing,” Potter says.

She and Yoga Buzz are also on a mission to bring yoga to everybody by creating an actively inclusive community. Showing up for yourself, for your city and for others is important, but ultimately, Potter’s goal is to start bridging gaps and inspiring diversity—in yoga and beyond—and it all starts with that first step onto the mat.

To learn even more about Potter and Yoga Buzz, we asked a few more questions.

What is your personal mission statement or a quote you live by? “It’s not about whether or not you can touch your toes. It’s about what you learn on the way there.”

Are you involved with any other charities/philanthropic causes? 

I have an HIV-positive friend who is active in raising awareness in Chicago, a friend here in town who raises money for cancer research in honor of his wife who has lymphoma—I like to support people I care about in things they are doing that mean a lot to them.

What is the most rewarding part of your career? 

The fact that people keep showing up—for themselves, for their city, and for others.

 Who has made the biggest impact on your professional life? 

Is it cheesy to say it’s my husband, Troika? It’s true. From the very beginning, he’s always challenged me to think outside the box and supported me whole-heartedly in taking chances. And he’s not afraid to say things he knows I won’t like to hear to get me to see things in a new light.

How do you hope to be remembered?

As someone who did her best.

 Name one thing on your personal bucket list?

Record an album. I love to sing.

What is your biggest source of inspiration?

I’m incredibly inspired by building community—the way relating to one another’s humanity develops a sense of belonging.

What recent accomplishment you are most proud of?

We just hosted our largest event ever at Union Station, which raised funds to launch a free yoga program for St. Louis-area veterans.

For more info, visit Potter is wearing a Lululemon Bhatki Yoga Jacket ($118) and Lululemon Wunder Under Pant SE Restored ($98).

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