Paul Dillinger Of Levi Strauss To Speak At Wash U

 In Style

Paul Dillinger, VP of Global Product Innovation at Levi Strauss, will speak at Washington University on Wednesday, Nov. 4 from 4-5pm in Steinberg Auditorium of the Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts. A Wash U alum himself, Dillinger is no stranger to the St. Louis community and certainly not the Sam Fox School, where he completed his BFA in fashion design and later served as faculty member. Presenting a talk entitled “Innovation & Technology in Fashion,” Dillinger will discuss the latest cutting-edge methods put to use by America’s most beloved denim brand.

After graduating from design school and before joining Levi Strauss, Dillinger worked at established design houses Calvin Klein and DKNY and taught at prestigious Rhode Island School of Design, proving his excellence early in the field of design. His affinity for fashion extends well beyond style and design however, reaching one of the more socially and environmentally driven aspects of the industry: sustainability.

This passion for ethical practices in the fashion industry fueled the success that was the Dockers Wellthread collection, with Dillinger at the helm of the design team. Considering sustainability in every facet of product development, he utilized single-fiber cotton and reduced the amount of water and energy used in garment dyeing. Following that success, just this year Dillinger initiated a partnership between Levi Strauss and Google, Project Jacquard, which features wearable technology.

Attend Dillinger’s talk “Innovation & Technology in Fashion” next week for the latest in sustainable fashion initiatives at Levi Strauss as well as insights into the mind of one of the industry’s best.

The event is free to attend and is presented by Saint Louis Fashion Fund and EQ.

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