Part II: What We Heard from You

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Your opinion is important to us, and in Part I: What’s On Your Mind, St. Louis?, we asked for your thoughts on the new direction of ALIVE Magazine. We were thrilled with the response from so many readers who spent some quality time with the Good Vibes issue. We’ve been poring over the results, discussing your ideas and thinking on ways to apply them. In the meantime, we’d like to share some of the comments we received:

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In general:

“The latest issue is a great fresh start. I think the feel of the magazine is grounded, connected and fresh. Keep this feel and dig a little deeper with the content and I’ll read it again next month.”

“Continue to be bold and focus on quality instead of quantity—things I love about the new issue.”

You want to see more of:

“Plus-size women. All of the women in the mag are very thin and perfect looking. I want to see more variety.”

“Showcasing your non-standard things to do in St. Louis. Showing things that don’t cost 30-100 dollars to participate in. I’m talking accessible, fun, beautiful, filled-to-the-brim pride for St. Louis.”

“More articles on everyday people making a difference in their communities.”

“Personal accounts of experiences in Saint Louis, local guest writers, a touch of darkness.”

“Meaningful events that bring the community together.”

“I appreciate the push for diversity. That is very apparent. I would like to see more—continued thoughtful real diversity, as a representation of who and what St. Louis is.”

“Focus on more genuine connections, creating unique space for ALIVE.”

Some advice we took to heart:

“Never lose focus on STL as the heart of the story.”

“Continue to embrace change.”

To all who participated in our survey, thank you for your thoughts, words of encouragement and critique. Your feedback helps us ensure #ALIVEnext continues to be about you.

And, last but not least, congratulations to our winner of an ALIVE Magazine subscription and $100 gift cards to Dominic Michael Salon and SKIF International: Cynthia Oliver!

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