Part I: What’s on your mind, St. Louis?

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You may have seen it–the new design, thicker paper and full-page visuals of the Good Vibes issue of ALIVE Magazine. If you haven’t, be sure to pick up a copy at your local hang out. Spoiler alert–there’s everything from tips for greening your home during the winter to a personal journey in sound therapy.

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As ALIVE continues to evolve, we want to hear your thoughts. Good or bad, optimistic or cynical, lay it on us. We’ll take it all in, discuss it, debate it and look at ways to apply it as we move forward. Then keep an eye out for “Part II: What We Heard from You”, where we will share some of the feedback we received (anonymously, of course).

To show our appreciation for taking the survey below, you’ll be entered to win an ALIVE subscription package that ensures the new magazine is mailed to your door, along with bonus content and $100 gift cards to SKIF and Dominic Michael.

Let’s get real, St. Louis.


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