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A gentleman by all definitions, Wale Soluade perfectly mixes classic business-wear with his signature flair of color-coordinated separates. Both a professional in the business world as the Corporate Inclusion and Diversity Manager at Commerce Bank, and an expert in the mens fashion realm—his blog, A Curated Man, has led to collaborations with both GQ and Details Magazine. Soluade was a sure pick for our November feature.

Photo by Wesley Law.

Photo by Wesley Law.

ALIVE: Describe your personal style.
WS: Clean lines with an emphasis on classic styling with a casual approach. I am inspired by older Italian gentleman.

ALIVE: What are a few of your wardrobe staples?
WS: Any single or double breasted navy jacket. Navy and grey pieces are the foundation of a man’s wardrobe, which is why I wear a navy or grey suit in the workplace.

ALIVE: What’s your favorite wardrobe item?
WS: A custom made three-piece navy suit.

ALIVE: Do you have a style icon you look up to?
WS: My father, for sure. He has the most impressive wardrobe.

Read the full story in ALIVE’s November issue, on stands now!

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