Online Extra: Man Of Style Ken Stuckenschneider

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As an interior designer, Ken Stuckenschneider gets the chance to show off both his flair for luxury and impeccable taste on a daily basis. Lucky for us, he made time in his busy schedule (his current roster of projects has his time split across the country and beyond), to meet up with us and discuss his personal style, passion for quality, and wardrobe staples he can’t live without.

Photo by Wesley Law.

Photo by Wesley Law.

ALIVE: Describe your personal style.
It’s very similar to my home design style. I love detail, textures, checkered print, and fabrics.

ALIVE: What are a few of your wardrobe staples?
KS: Brown suede loafers with matching belt, brown wool suit, and tan jeans. I’m a big fan of brown.

ALIVE: What are a few of your favorite wardrobe items?
KS: Beautiful cufflinks, a sport coat, moleskin pants, and a Tommy Hilfiger suit from one his first collections in the early ’90s.

ALIVE: Do you have a style icon you look up to?
KS: Cary Grant and Ralph Lauren. Although, I don’t look up to too many people; I like to do my own thing.

Read the full story in ALIVE’s November issue, on stands now!

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