One Year In Fashion: A View From The Middle

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Our explorations of makers and designers in the middle of America last year cemented our belief in the deluge of talented fashion designers who have chosen this place as the backdrop to that which they create. The journey led us to collaborate with designers from Nashville, Minneapolis-St.Paul, Kansas City, St. Louis and more, who create a range of pieces: chic and timeless, bold and bright, clean and minimal.

Issue Six

Pattern Play: A collaboration with Demestik, Margaret Ellis, and Skif International.

st louis nashville fashion designers demestik margaret ellis jewelry skif international fashion editorial alive magazine

Issue Five

In Color: A Collaboration With Ona Rex And Portmanteau Jewelry In Nashville

nashville fashion designers creative ona rex alive magazine st louis

Issue Four

Come Clean: A Collaboration With Hackwith Design House In St. Paul, Minnesota

hackwith design house minneapolis st paul fashion creative designer alive magazine st louis

Issue Three

At First Blush: Easy Summer Pieces From The Heartland

midwest fashion designers nashville st paul minneapolis kansas city st louis alive magazine

Issue Two

Sweet and Lowdown: Fashion from Nashville’s Two Son

nashville fashion designers two son alive magazine st louis

Issue One

Seek And You Will Find: A Fashion Editorial

fashion editorial nashville han starnes cavanagh baker alive magazine st louis

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