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St. Louis’ first mobile vintage store is on the move


From tablets to Food trucks, pretty much everything is going mobile these days—so why should vintage clothes and home goods be an exception? Enter forward-thinking retailer Beth Styles. Styles first demonstrated her love of all things vintage with the opening of her online Etsy shop, Parsimonia, where such items as vintage beaded dresses seamlessly share virtual shelf space with other beautiful treasures from the past, like French namel coffee pots and delightfully weathered leather luggage. It wasn’t until recently that Styles decided to take her show on the road—literally—with “Holly,” a 1960 travel trailer lovingly restored by Styles and her husband. It took the couple five months and a ton of elbow grease to get the travel trailer into shape and ready for the road. Once Holly was restored to her full splendor, the Styles carefully packed her up with unique and affordable vintage clothing, accessories and home décor and set off for their first show at the Indie Craft Revolution. Since then, Styles has taken her vintage boutique on wheels to a number of other shows, and has garnered tons of positive attention. The new endeavor has been a true blessing for the Mizzou Journalism grad, who in 2010 found herself jobless the day after returning from her honeymoon. It was then that she decided to pursue her true passion, thrifting, as a source of income.

“People are really rediscovering the creativity and quality of vintage items, whether it’s a dress, a tablecloth or some white ankle boots,” Styles says. “But a lot of times these items aren’t affordable to those of us with less expendable income, namely high school and college students and young professionals. My goal is to provide these women with vintage styles that translate into modern trends, all without breaking the bank.” In addition to setting up shop at local shows, Styles books the mobile boutique for events, private shopping parties and wedding photos. It’s her goal to one day host vintage-inspired tea parties and picnics, as well. To find out more about Holly, visit  secondhandwithstyle.com.





Beth Styles’ Parsimonia Mobile Vintage Store




Photo credit: Matt Strom

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