NUUFORM Knitwear To Launch At Enamel On Saturday, April 18

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For lovers of both art and fashion, mark your calendars to attend the launch party and pop-up event for artist Rachel Sperry and her new line of knitwear, NUUFORM, on Saturday, April 18 at Enamel. Sperry, a Massachusetts-to-STL transplant, has teamed up with the creative duo Angela Malchionno and Carly Hilo of Enamel, to kick-off the new venture in true artistic fashion.

Photo courtesy of NUUFORM. Unconventional knits

Photo courtesy of NUUFORM.

Sperry was inspired by her parents—her father is an inventor and mother, an artist—who fueled her passion for creation from a young age. It was a piece of advice from her father that inspired her to create NUUFORM: “He always said an invention needs to be three things,” says Sperry, “new, useful and unobvious,” which led her to the free-form, knitwear pieces that she designs today. “I want to provide a piece for your wardrobe that, like an invention, is unique but also practical,” adds Sperry.

Each piece in the NUUFORM collection is knitted by hand, produced in a variety of colors and textures and can be worn by several different body types. Sperry noted that she creates pieces that will be exceptional and uncommon but are still able to be mixed in with the customer’s own clothing. Each piece is crafted using a cozy combination of merino, cashmere, silk and baby alpaca.

Following her April 18 launch party, which will take place at Enamel from 7-9pm, guests will have a chance to shop the garments on Sunday, April 19 from 12-5pm for a pop-up shop of NUUFORM’s goods as part of its campaign to support up-and-coming designers in the Midwest.

Find out more about NUUFORM on the web.

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