Now Serving: Chili Today, Hot Tamale

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It might be hard to imagine an entire restaurant based on this iconic American fare, but Kim Tucci and Joe Fresta, the masterminds behind the new Joe’s Chili Bowl at The Terrace View (808 Chestnut St., Downtown 314.241.7070) have done just that. Here, chili-lovers find Joe’s Famous Homemade Chili in every form possible—in slingers for breakfast, on hamburgers and hot dogs for lunch and in tamales and macaroni for dinner. Bowls of chili are spiced up with everything from shredded cheese and onions to sour cream and fresh jalapeños. Try the veggie or chicken chili for something a little different. Should the day ever come when chili alone won’t cut it, the menu also offers up other tantalizing items like grilled salmon and chicken parmigiano.

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