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Eco-Conscious Efforts
A St. Louis neighborhood and its restaurants are stepping up their efforts to be
more eco-conscious. The Maplewood City Council recently agreed to partner with St. Louis Earth Day on a green restaurant program. Because cost is a common hurdle for restaurants to overcome in going green, this program will provide a way for eateries of all sizes to do the right thing by allowing participating restaurants in downtown Maplewood to share recycling and composting costs. When it comes to being eco-conscious, there’s definitely strength in numbers. Look for the initiative to kick off early this summer.

Prime Seating
Brio Tuscan Grille in The Plaza Frontenac lot recently debuted a new patio last fall—and with the arrival of warm weather, the 60-seat space will surely claim see-and-be-seen status soon. The partially covered patio features gorgeous drapery, loungestyle soft seating, bar tables and a fire pit. Complementing the restaurant’s warm Tuscan feel, the patio is an ideal spot to savor a delicious Italian dish or socialize and sip this summer.


1420_535.jpgBrio Tuscan Grille


Photo credit: Photo courtesy of Brio Tuscan Grille

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