Need For Speed

Five sledding destinations in STL are not to be missed.


1. The names of these Forest Park favorites say it all: Art Hill is gentle and long, a family-friendly expanse of perfectly packed snow. Suicide Hill is steep and fast, a place to indulge your inner daredevil (Fine Arts Drive and Lagoon Drive, Forest Park).

2. The steep slope next to Deer Creek Park will get you airborne, even with only a couple inches of snow. It’s a short, fast, furious ride (North Forest Avenue, Webster Groves).

3. The small-town feel of the neighborhood around Clifton Park adds to the sledding atmosphere— especially if you happen to have an old-fashioned runner sled sitting around (Simpson Avenue, Clifton Heights).

4. An undiscovered gem in the shadow of the Budweiser brewery, Lyon Park has kid-friendly runs with plenty of open spaces (Utah and Broadway, Soulard).

5. A great, big bowl hill near the basketball court at Whitecliff Park provides hours of fun for all ages on a snow day (Whitecliff Lane, Crestwood).

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