Natural Alloys: Meet The Jewelry Lines Featured In ALIVE’s Latest Issue

 In Style

Inspired by our issue theme of “Let’s Come Together,” stylists Sarah Stallmann and Jessica Leitch, along with photographer Attilio D’Agostino, developed an idea to combine the art of entertaining and coming together with jewelry items from local makers that specialize in utilizing various mixed metals. Here is a bit more information about the featured brands—who all happen to be based right here in STL.

Photos by Attilio D’Agostino.

Jenny Walker Jewelry
Created using raw stock materials, Walker uses her plethora of skills to create each piece by hand-cutting, carving, forging, firing, sanding and polishing pieces to perfection, adding various enamels and details to provide one-of-a-kind results.

Fable + Lore
Designer and maker Chelsie Hellige makes each Fable + Lore piece in her home studio, using materials she sources from all over the world. Her signature pieces often include details like raw stones, and her inspiration often draws from the Southwest.

Rebel + Ruse
Designer Camille may be new to the game, but already Rebel + Ruse has earned quite the buzz as the go-to brand for turquoise pieces that won’t break the bank. Read our interview with the emerging maker to hear more about her brand identity and inspirations.

Metal Institution
Another newbie in the St. Louis scene, Metal Institution consists of former Iris van Herpen intern and STL-native Leah Babette and partner Nick Pounders who have taken their love for all things hardcore and created an accessories brand that isn’t just for the punks. Crafted with hand-cut leather, metal and various other materials, each piece gives a signature edge that is sure to take this brand to the top.

Lisa Colby
With an impressive roster of metal work that includes the finest of details, metalsmith and educator Colby just may be the queen of sterling silver. Using a custom technique, Colby manipulates the metal while hot to create signature shapes and details that give each of her pieces a life of their own.

Carmelita Nunez
Known for her beautiful pottery and hand-painted ceramics, Nunez also dabbles in the world of jewelry, combining her pottery with chains and metals to create eye-catching pieces that are an ode to her body of work.







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