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When you’ve made a staunch commitment to serve the healthiest, freshest food possible, you find yourself innovating and creating every day. Nathalie’s Owner Nathalie Pettus, her chefs and her farmers are living out that promise year after year, and have created an inspiring approach to food.

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It all starts with the famers at Pettus’ Overlook Farm, who must plan for a menu at least a year in advance. With cold temperatures, unpredictable growing patterns or unexpected demand of a product, they innovate heating solutions, work around crop failures and keep in mind what can realistically grow in Missouri.

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Once the fruits, vegetables and meat are delivered to the restaurant, the baton is then passed to the chefs, who never have the same day—or menu really. Pettus compares her kitchen to the ones seen on “Chopped,” where the chefs must be innovative in the way they create new dishes.

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Pettus spends much of her time researching unique ways to bring St. Louisans the tastes and foods they want, prepared and presented in a responsible way. That means soy is off the menu, but coconut aminos takes its place for a satisfying, salty seasoning. It’s not the easiest approach to food, but Pettus firmly believes St. Louis is what it eats, and she’s more than willing to stay on her toes to serve the city what it deserves.

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