My Style: Nandini Ramaswamy-King

Seasonal Instructor, Saint Louis Zoo, Artist and Actress


Describe your personal style. Would you say it’s more wild or tame?
My personal style depends on which part I’m playing. I often find myself changing clothes in my car, Superman style. Overall, I would say I try to dress tame—but the wildness keeps surfacing!

What are you wearing today?
A Skif tank, a Free People skirt from Nordstrom Rack and necklaces and bangles from India.

What artist, actress or character would you love to trade closets with?
I would love to trade places with artist Tessa Guze, and I would love to trade closets with Heidi Klum. It’s not her TV style that I like, but her everyday street style. It’s casual, yet eclectic.

What items from your closet can you not live without?
My scarves. I only have about a billion of them!

What is your go-to piece?
My comfo cargo/military pants. They bring out the “nature girl” in me!

What trend are you loving right now?
I really like asymmetric hemlines.

What is your biggest fashion pet peeve?
Trends—I hate when there’s a cute trend and it floods the market. It ruins it!

What is the next piece you hope to add to your closet?
I’ve been daydreaming about an ivory-white silk shirt.

Where do you shop in STL?
Vintage Haberdashery and Nordstrom Rack are my current faves. I also like Sole & Blues, Express for pants, H&M and—last but never least—Target!




Photo credit: Carmen Troesser

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