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Coordinator of Communications, Missouri History Museum


Describe your personal style.
It’s like a good martini: classic and clean with the occasional funky twist.

What are you wearing today?
A Ralph Lauren sweater, a J.Crew shirt, Original Paperbacks shorts, a Brooks Brothers bowtie and Bass & Co. shoes.

What fashion era inspires you most?
It’s a toss-up between the preppy, sugarcoated 1920s and the tailored sartorialism of the early 1960s.

Who do you consider the best-dressed man of all time?
The fabulously suited Cary Grant. I also adore Tilda Swinton’s bold, androgynous style; she’s proof that masculine style doesn’t have to be bound by gender. And Liberace; it takes a strong man to pull off a sequined cape while still living at home with your mother.

What item from your closet can you not live without?
Everything in gingham.

Which designers are you obsessed with?
My two Toms—Pink and Ford.

What accessory do you find yourself relying on most?
A tie—bow, skinny or regular—can spice up any outfit. Also, a good set of eyebrows.

What trend are you loving now?
I’ve always been a huge fan of bright pops of color; it’s great to see so much color hitting the runways.

Where do you shop?
I shop everywhere, from the Salvation Army to Neiman Marcus, and focus on finding classic pieces and statement accessories. Plus, I am from the Midwest; I think we all love a good factory outlet extravaganza.

What are your biggest fashion pet peeves?
Monochromatic minimalism and pleated pants.

What is the next piece you hope to add to your closet?
A Ferragamo canvas duffel bag.



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Photo credit: Carmen Troesser

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