My Style: Bradley Johnson

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Project manager for Anderson Building Company/musician




Describe your personal style. Bad Company meets Clint Eastwood. I think the rockstar-cowboy has become an archetype. I try to tap into that because it seems to be a natural extension of my personality‰ÛÓalbeit a bit of an exaggerated extension.

What item from your closet can you not live without? I guess I don’t keep my wedding ring in the closet, but it’s the only piece of my wardrobe that never changes. I’ll go with that.

What are your top five clothing staples? Cowboy boots, a properly fitting pair of jeans, a flannel or denim button-up, a brown leather belt and a slim-cut suit coat.

What do you consider the most unique aspect of your style? My hair‰ÛÓalthough that’s changing. I’m no longer ahead of the trend with the man-bun, but it’s still pretty distinct.

Is there any person or character whose style you really admire? I’ve always looked to the past, so I’d have to say guys like George Harrison, Keith Richards and James Bond, though I can’t really pull off the latter.

Do you follow runway trends? Why or why not? I respect runway fashion for what it is, but I don’t really draw on it directly for my own style. However, I’m sure that, through six degrees of separation, what I wear is affected by what’s happening at fashion shows. Pop culture isn’t completely lost on me.

Who are some of your favorite designers? I have to admit I don’t have any. Most of what I wear is vintage, so I don’t check tags. If something looks cool and fits well, I wear it. Of course, sometimes I wear things that don’t look cool or fit well. You don’t always hit the bull’s-eye with fashion.

Where do you shop in STL? Goodwill and other people’s closets. Oh, and Gap because I’m shaped like a hobbit, so the jeans fit right.


Photo credit: Attilio D’Agostino

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