Must-Try Wedding Trends

 In Feature, Style

Your wedding invitation is the first chance to make an impression and statement about your wedding. Show your guests youre stylish with an of-the-moment matrimony invite with one of the three top trends from The Service Bureau Inc.


The biggest trend is letterpress; your invites set the expectation for your wedding and letterpress makes a bold and unique statement with a classic look and feel. Letterpress also allows brides to choose their paper—organic, tree free—and colors are bright and vivid.

Dual Colors

Brides-to-be are loving this latest trend; using two colors on the printed invite instead of one. A great way to mix-it-up, you can combine colors like spring green with turquoise or hot pink and orange with a bright-yellow backing. According to The Service Bureau, paper trends start long before the fashion trends—what you see new today in paper you will soon see in the fashion industry tomorrow.

A Personal Touch
Adding something very personal to your wedding invitation has been gaining popularity. This trend allows you to add tender sayings like “He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me!” or even a poem to the envelope or invite—whatever you choose, adding your own personal touch of individuality will make your invite more memorable (The Service Bureau Inc., 9773 Clayton Rd., 314.991.1104).




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