Must-Try Authentic Balkan Cuisine at Lemmons Restaurant

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St. Louis’ diverse population has deeply enriched the city’s artistic, entrepreneurial and cultural offerings—not to mention the cuisine. Case in point: the Grbic family, whose first restaurant was founded by first-generation Bosnian immigrants Sulejman and Ermina Grbic. That first restaurant’s name is, appropriately, Grbic, and it gained long-lasting popularity in the Dutchtown neighborhood of South St. Louis after it opened in 2002.

A couple of years ago, the family launched another venture which expands its offerings even further.

Must-Try Authentic Balkan Cuisine at Lemmons Restaurant

Their second restaurant is located near Grbic in the former home of another longtime South City favorite, and instead of renaming the space, they honored the building’s history by keeping the name Lemmons. This one is run by just the kids: Erna, Ermin and Senada. “The parents taught us what they know and now we are gonna give it a go … on our own!” they write on the website’s “About” page.

The menu is a representation of American favorites, which the three children consistently requested growing up, while bringing an authentic Balkan twist. For example, diners will notice recognizable items like flatbreads, soups, salads and classic entrees alongside dishes like house-brined vegetables and chicken-fried schnitzel. Ingredients like ajvar spread and cevapi—a traditional Balkan sausage—also work their way into the menu, showcasing executive chef Senada Grbic’s tendency towards multicultural fusions in her cuisine. There are several vegan options to try as well, including the King’s Kabob (made with an alternative to the traditional chicken) and a vegan flatbread.

Lemmons Restaurant
5800 Gravois Ave.
St. Louis, Missouri, 63116

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