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After secretly tying the knot in Vegas, a love-struck couple says “I Do” once more in a St. Louis ceremony.


The Bride
Laura Miles, 34, Veterinarian

The Groom
Dio Turner, 31, Ph.D. Student

Their Story
Laura Miles and Dio Turner were both born and raised in St. Louis, and spent their entire lives mere miles away from each other. When their paths finally crossed, both were working in the Ritz-Carlton’s Lobby Lounge, Dio as a bartender and Laura as a server. The chemistry between the pair was undeniable, and it wasn’t long before the two college students found themselves in a long-distance relationship. During her fall break in 2008, Laura packed her bags and headed west to visit Dio, who was studying in Las Vegas at the time. They’d joked about it plenty, but today there was something about the Vegas chapel that they just couldn’t resist. Laura left Las Vegas a bride, and despite the thousands of miles between them, nothing could separate the blissful newlyweds. Laura and Dio admit it wasn’t the most conventional way to the tie the knot, but that’s how they wanted it. And, they say, sharing the secret between just the two of them made the sanctity of marriage all the more special. The couple continued their long-distance relationship until the summer of 2010, when after a night out with friends, Dio gave Laura the surprise of a lifetime. Dio knew his mother-in-law had always looked forward to seeing her only daughter walk down the aisle. So, following a day of massages and roller derby, the couple was taken by limousine back to where it all began, at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel. There, in a suite lined with roses and candlelight, the groom asked his bride to be his all over again. Dio proposed with a white and dark chocolate molded ring, and the couple celebrated with a bottle of their favorite champagne.

At First Sight
Laura made her way down the aisle towards Dio in a stunning Melissa Sweet gown—her “something new.” The bride’s “something old” and “borrowed” came from her grandparents; Laura’s grandfather loaned her his lucky pennies to be worn in each of her shoes, and her grandmother was happy to pass down a stunning vintage necklace, which was the perfect complement to the bride’s birdcage veil.

Making It Official
Laura and Dio chose The Loop’s Moonrise Hotel for the site of their spring wedding ceremony and reception. During their evening nuptials, held on the Moonrise’s signature rooftop, a small group of family and close friends gathered to watch a heartfelt exchange of handwritten vows, complete with a performance of The Beatles’ “I Will” by the bride’s nephew.

Love Is Sweet
The couple opted for mini cupcakes as opposed to a traditional wedding cake, and Jilly’s Cupcake Bar outdid itself. The custom cupcake tower contained a wide variety of St. Louis signature flavors, complete with bride and groom cupcake toppers. The maple bacon cupcake was definitely a guest favorite.

Can’t Fight the Moonlight
Following the outdoor ceremony, guests were wined and dined in the hotel’s Eclipse Restaurant. Dennis Bello and Jonathan Siezholtz of Steady Rising Entertainment kept the dance floor packed all night, and guests loved the wax lips, moustaches and sunglasses the newlyweds provided for a bit of extra fun.

From the Heart
The couple shared their first dance to the heartwarming Ani Difranco hit, “Smiling Underneath,” but it wasn’t the only moment in the evening that had emotions running high. Laura’s brother, Curt, had huge shoes to fill, making a speech in place of the siblings’ father, who had passed away. Needless to say, he surpassed everyone’s expectations with a heartfelt toast to his sister and brother-in-law on their wedding day.



More than Words


More than Words


More than Words


More than Words


More than Words


More than Words


More than Words


Photo credit: Benjamin Trevor Photography

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