Model And Native St. Louisan Gabrielle Kniery To Host Pins And Needles

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Although St. Louisan Gabrielle Kniery had her first taste of fame as a contestant on Cycle 14 of “America’s Next Top Model,” the Hazelwood Central graduate has since taken strides that have led her beyond the scope of reality TV and onto some impressive achievements. We spoke with the model about the latest news, her new book deal and her trip back home to the Lou where she will host Pins and Needles on Saturday, Aug. 1.

Photo courtesy of Fenton Moon.

Photo courtesy of Fenton Moon.

ALIVE: Do you credit your time spent on “ANTM” as an important stepping stone in the launch of your modeling career?
It was definitely a step in the right direction and for my fanbase, it was a huge step in the matter of exposure. As far as the significance, I really give that credit to some of the photographers I worked with at the launch of my career. They were really influential in helping me develop as a model.

ALIVE: How do you think you have changed and developed as a model since your time on the show?
I think in general when we develop and grow, we become more mature and broaden our horizons. I have came into myself and the person I am and am happier overall, which is always a huge help when you go to book jobs.

ALIVE: What are some of your most exciting achievements?
Well, a lot of them are happening currently. This week I am shooting a Sean John campaign which is huge and I do regular work with Harper’s Bazaar for their e-commerce site. I am also really excited to announce the launch of my first coffee table book, releasing in late fall. I write poetry, so I will be combining poems with images that will be created by various photographers. It’s called “Unraveling.”

ALIVE: That’s exciting! On Aug. 2 you will be hosting Pins and Needles which aims to assist early emerging designers with the launch of their careers—do you have any advice for the contestants based on your experiences?
One thing we always say in this industry is that you will get a million “no’s” before you get that one “yes.” But keeping your head up, staying confident and taking that criticism as an aide to help make you better is a step in the right direction. Don’t stop. That’s my motto.

ALIVE: Besides hosting the Pins and Needles fashion show, is there anything else you plan on doing during your time in St. Louis?
Gabi: Well the first thing I always do right when I step off the plane is head to Imo’s—I literally don’t like any other pizza! But of course, I am looking forward to spending time with my family and catch up with my mom. She’s my best friend.

Snag tickets to Pins and Needles and meet Gabrielle, who will be hosting the event, on Aug. 1!

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