Missouri Actress Taylor Louderman to Star in NBC's 'Peter Pan LIVE' Thursday

By Katie Davis
In Culture

Taylor Louderman. Photo courtesy of IMDB

Born in Bourbon, Missouri, and known for starring in multiple plays at The Muny over the last few years, as well as her recent role in “Bring It On” on Broadway, actress Taylor Louderman is set to star in NBC’s “Peter Pan LIVE” on Thursday, Dec. 4, 2014.

Starring as Wendy, Louderman acts alongside such stars as Christopher Walken (Hook) and Allison Williams (Peter Pan). The unique performance is aired live, but done in a studio set rather than on a stage.

We caught up with Louderman to talk about her role, career and thoughts about acting.

ALIVE: So, you grew up close to St. Louis and performed at The Muny, as well as in musicals around this area. How would you describe your early experiences with acting, and how did you get so involved with it?

Taylor Louderman: Oh yes – well, I had one of my first roles in a production that took place in the Rolla, Missouri area with Ozark Actors Theatre. After that, my parents wanted to help me get more involved with acting. They could tell I loved it already. I auditioned for different roles at The Muny, too. It was so much fun.

ALIVE: How did you get your “breakthrough” or your big connections to the acting world?

TL: When I was making decisions about college, I was accepted into a program I really wanted at the University of Michigan in the school’s awesome arts department. That helped lead me to a Broadway role (“Bring It On”) and, now, so much more.

ALIVE: How did you originally hear about NBC’s “Peter Pan LIVE,” and how did that audition process go?

TL: I was lucky because my agent told me about this unique live television show, and then because I was in between shows and had time to audition, I did. I was so happy and felt incredibly lucky that they still needed a Wendy character.  I was cast, and then the work and fun began!

ALIVE: Does it feel surreal to work alongside household names like Christopher Walk and Allison Williams? 

TL: I mean, you have to remember that they’re people first. That always helps me if I truly think about their stardom and start getting nervous about my acting or how well-known they are. They work really hard and are extremely talented people. Its a great experience to get to work with them, especially on this one-of-a-kind live production.

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