Miranda Lambert: Just Like You, Only Prettier

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A few words with the sassy, talented country singer/songwriter


It’s been a big year for country music’s newest sweetheart, Miranda Lambert. After recently winning a Grammy for “Best Female Country Vocal Performance,” Lambert is back on tour and will be making a stop at Chaifetz Arena on February 24. We recently talked to the quickly rising country star about her music, her upcoming nuptials and how she’s still just a small-town girl despite all her success.

2010 was a wirlwind year for you. Congrats on all your accomplishments and awards. When was the big moment of realization that you’d reached the next level of success?
Thank you. Winning Album of the Year for “Revolution” at both the CMAs and the ACMs was a milestone for me. It showed that I created something that people liked and spent their hard-earned money on.

You grew up in a small Texas town. How has life been different since the release of your first album.
I’m still the small Texas girl, except I live in Oklahoma now. When I’m home, I pretty much still do all the things that regular people do; take my dogs to the vet, go grocery shopping, have a chat with the folks at the feed store. I’m not really doing anything different now than I did before. I tour mostly on weekends and this lifestyle enables me to spend a good amount of time at home on my farm with my friends and family.

You co-write a lot of your songs. Do you feel you work better creatively with a partner? What is the creative process like for you?
I love singing about real life; it’s where I draw my inspiration. Sometimes it’s something that happened in my past or something a friend or family member experienced. I don’t have a preference about writing with a co-writer or by myself. It all depends where the idea comes from, but writing with someone and signing along makes it more fun.

Even in your more vulnerable songs like “The House that Built Me,” there is a perceivable sense of determination and empowerment in your songs. Who were the strong women in your life growing up?
I love strong, empowered women and come from a family of them. My mom Bev and my grandma Nonna are terrific ladies and great role models for me.

Are you a country-music purist or is the more traditional brand of country music just what fits your vocal and writing style right now?
I grew up listening to traditional country music at home: Hank Williams Jr., Merle Haggard, Dolly Parton, Patsy Cline…you name them, my folks played their records at home. It felt natural, and once I figured out I could sing and once my dad helped me develop my writing skills, I just kept at it and hoped that people would like it.

Congratulations on your engagement to Blake Shelton! With both of you having such a busy lives right now, how is planning going?
With being on tour as much as I have in the last year, I was smart and have hired a wedding planner to handle all the details. I would never get it done without her.

St. Louis is excited to have you in town on February 24. What can the audience expect?
Our show is all about leaving your problems at the door, escaping for a few hours and having fun. We always try to give it our all, and the more the crowd is engaged, the more we get into it. [Expect] anything from my hits to lots of new songs off my album, “Revolution,” some from “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” and of course, “Kerosene.”

For more info or to purchase tickets for Miranda Lambert’s “Revolution Tour,” log on to thechaifetzarena.com.




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