Menswear Pick of the Week: West Third Brand Tonic Body Spray

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For guys, finding a fitting cologne is an art. Splurging on big designer labels works for some, but only when the fragrance is a miraculous match. Our bodies react differently to every kind of fragrance; sometimes, the cologne with the most delicious scent (from the bottle) can smell like an absolute disaster while it’s on—which can be an incredible buzzkill after dropping upwards of $100 on a bottle only to realize the smell isn’t a match. So, what’s the answer in avoiding a major fragrance faux pas? Find a simple spritzer—somewhat spicy, somewhat sweet—that’s good for any occasion.

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West Third Brand has 25 varietals of its Tonic body spray. Most of these are light, crisp and slightly woodsy. Our favorite, the XXX, smells as though you just left an old-school barbershop after getting a clean blade shave and a sharp new haircut. In this mix, iris and bergamot provide a light, easy scent while the vetiver and black pepper give off a spicy bite for a stronger aeration. Because this concoction is so crisp, a couple of spritzes will keep you feeling fresh all day. Plus, at $32, you won’t break the bank.

West Third Brand Tonic XXX Body Spray ($32 at Collective and East + West)

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