Menswear Pick of the Week: J. Fold Wallets

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Every man needs a wallet that’s functional and at least a little bit fashionable. It’s prime real estate to house credit cards, business cards, and a little bit of cash. Anything else can start to weigh a guy down. Oftentimes, guys use bulky tri-fold wallets that can hold entirely too much stuff (and provide the option to keep too many things in them).  When the wallet is filling up with old photos, outdated business cards and pointless receipts—and it’s approaching the width of a pocket-sized encyclopedia—it’s time to reevaluate and buy something more streamlined.

Photo courtesy of J. Fold

Photo courtesy of J. Fold

Try a slimmer wallet on for size, like one offered by J. Fold. These leather wallets come in different sizes and textures to fit the needs and the style of almost any guy. Ranging from bigger bi-folds to money clips, J. Fold’s designs provide what every guy needs in a good wallet: Just enough space to carry the necessities (like the Thunderbird, pictured above), but a thin design that won’t look like you have a brick in your back pocket.

J. Fold wallets ($39.50-59.50 in ranging styles at Moris Men’s Shop)

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