Menswear Pick of the Week: Baxter of California Conditioner

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Since hairstyles like the high-and-tight and the coif—and, most important, beards—have come back around full-force, it’s time for guys to start thinking about proper grooming care. A great haircut or some awesome scruff completely loses its luster if it’s frizzy and unkempt. Sure, washing your hair every other day preserves natural oils, but there’s a better solution to daily hair care. Baxter of California knows the perfect formula.

Baxter of California

Baxter of California

This men’s grooming brand hits way above the mark on its products. But the daily moisturizing conditioner is one of those essential products that’s an experience; put it on, let it set, and it starts to tingle the scalp while giving off a scent combination of mint, aloe and what slightly smells like tea tree oil. It’s filled with vitamins and minerals to help rebuild the hair and add shine. Plus, that awesome smell sticks around for hours after it’s washed off. It’s the daily dose of personal care that will leave any guy smelling great and looking exceptionally fresh.

Baxter of California Daily Moisturizing Conditioner ($15 at East + West and Collective)

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