Menswear Pick of the Week: A Tiny Moth Shave Soap

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A Smashbox cosmetics consultant once showed me a specific hydrating cream and told me it’s “like a drink of water for your face,” which was a peculiar thing to say, but made perfect sense. If there were ever something “like a shot of espresso for your face,” I thought, I wanted it—something to wake up the skin and feel fresh immediately after rolling out of bed. A Tiny Moth’s Chai Latte shave soap is exactly that.

Photo courtesy of A Tiny Moth

Photo courtesy of A Tiny Moth

It’s called “shave soap” because of the composition and its physical properties; it contains a heap of essential oils, which are not only awesome for the skin, but allow a razor to glide effortlessly over the skin without irritation if using the soap while shaving. It’s lightweight, but this stuff goes a long way. One bar, used twice a day for face and body, can last about 3-4 weeks.

To top it all off, the scent (of spicy Chai and sweet undertones of neem oil) smells like a coffee shop-turned-day-spa, if that were ever a thing, and it livens up when you lather and put it on your face and body. The scent, unlike lots of other all-natural soaps, lingers at a level that’s strong enough on your body for all-day wear.

A Tiny Moth Chai Latte Shave Soap ($6.50 at and Parsimonia)

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