Menswear Look of the Week: Winter Warrior

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Mother Nature has been our mortal enemy this week, and if this weather is indicative of what’s to come for the rest of this winter, we’re all in trouble. Staying indoors isn’t always an option; and because wind chills are beyond subzero, how does one dress stylishly and warmly without looking like a jet-puffed blob?

ALIVE Menswear Winter Warrior

It’s all about smart layering and wearing thick fabrics that block the wind. We started this outfit—where most tundra-worthy outfits begin—with these rugged North Face boots. The fabrics lock in heat while their design allows your feet more flexibility while trudging down icy sidewalks. (Plus, extra style points for those awesome pops of color.)

Sticking with the theme of thick fabrics that will prevent your body from turning into an icicle, you’ll want some pants that will hold up against the climate. These sturdy, quilted pants from Scotch & Soda will do the trick. Pair these with a denim shirt—with a sweater over it, if that’s your style—and a wool toggle coat, and you’re almost ready to brave the elements.

Lastly, you’ll need some heavy-duty winter accessories. Hats from Topman are big (hence the “oversized” title of this one), warm, relatively inexpensive, and they come in a variety of fun colors. For gloves, you don’t necessarily have to splurge on a super thick, high-tech pair. I buy cheap 2-packs from H&M (usually for $5) and cut the tips off the index finger and thumb of one of the gloves—easy texting accessibility and optimal warmth, without the fuss. After all, dressing for this frigid climate is all about comfort and ease.

North Face Boots ($130 at Alpine Shop); Scotch & Soda quilted pants ($130 in similar styles at 10denza); COP toggle coat ($130 at Urban Outfitters); Shades of Grey denim shirt ($49-79 in similar styles at East + West); Topman oversized beanie ($16 at Nordstrom); Basic gloves ($3-10 anywhere)

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