Menswear Look of the Week: Bright-Out

 In Style

Rules are designed to be broken, especially rules of style. Case in point: the “no white pants after Labor Day” rule. In the right kind of weather—say in 9 inches of snow—you might blend in with the colors outside. But, if you wear them to the right degree, you can sport these year-round. Call off the fashion police. White pants for winter are here to stay.

ALIVE Menswear White Pants

Simply advising to wear bright whites for winter isn’t that straightforward, though. It’s all in the shade you choose. Because pure white pants are a bit harsh anyway, try an off-white, like these Zanzerobe jogger pants. They’re bright enough to stand out, and because they’re more of a bone white, they’ll be easier on the eyes. Play with the shape; regular-fit white chinos are a classic, but the style of these joggers—fitted at the bottom with adjacent seams down the —will give you a more hip, urban look.

Pair these with a layered shirt-sweater combination, chukka boots, a padded jacket (Barbour’s are the epitome of warmth) and a cap, and you’re set. Be rebellious. You can throw those old style rules out the door as long as you dress for the season, both in style and color.

Zanzerobe Slingshot Jogger pants ($140 at Urban Outfitters); Ben Sherman sweater ($100 in similar styles at Moris Men’s Shop); Naked & Famous shirt: $170 in similar styles at East & West); Red Wing Chukka boot ($250 in similar styles at Devil City); Barbour quilted jacket ($170 at Collective); Hat ($48 at J.Crew)

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