Menswear Look of the Week: A Pop of Art

 In Style

Yves Saint Laurent once said, “Fashions fade; style is eternal.” We all know that trends come and go. What stays in style—and will almost always be in style—is taking cues from the past and transforming them into the now. In this case, it’s the iconic style of modern dress from the 1960s.

ALIVE Menswear pop art

Channel Andy Warhol for this look. Famous photos of the legend will show you his skill in mixing prints; he could throw on multiple types of plaid, for instance, and somehow blend the prints seamlessly. The easiest way to do this is to choose a color palette and stick with it. In this case, we’ve paired a gray plaid shirt under a gray-and-black brocade sweater that contrasts from the plaid but adds more dimension and texture to the outfit. Stick with darker pants for this kind of look. Remember, you’re channeling Warhol, not a prepster from the 1980s.

With gray being the foundation for this look, throw in accents with the accessories and pull from popular colors of that era. Here, we’ve picked a bold red belt and black leather shoes with seafoam green soles. These fun colors complement each other and add just enough pop to draw attention your way. Add some thick-rimmed, funky-shaped glasses into the mix, and you’ll look beyond artsy—this time, though, with a modern twist.

Brocade sweater ($34.95 from H&M); Bench plaid shirt ($60 from 10Denza); Scotch & Soda pants ($90 from 10denza); Dibi tie ($48 at Collective); Salvatore Ferragamo belt ($320 at Nordstrom); Cole Haan Lunargrand Longwing shoes ($228 at Nordstrom); Oliver Peoples glasses ($340 at The Eye Bar)

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