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Seven of St. Louis’ best-dressed males


The Individualist

Patrik Berglund
Center/Left Wing, St. Louis Blues

Sure, Patrik Berglund is a professional athlete with model good looks, but don’t let his stats fool you. Currently in his fourth season on the St. Louis Blues roster, he’s a flirty, funny and amusing (most often due to his thick Swedish accent) 23-year-old, who’s managed to avoid any air of arrogance. When he’s not on the ice, he can be found out on the town—at such hotspots as Three Sixty—or playing golf, though he isn’t shy about admitting his love for TV shows like “Hawaii Five-O” and “Gossip Girl.” As for his wardrobe, he keeps it easy; Lacoste and Converse are among his go-to’s, as are capris—a look that has proven controversial among his teammates. “They’re comfortable!” Berglund defends. Even so, he’d be quick to sacrifice his everyday comfort. Likely motivated by his popularly sharp look in the handful of custom suits he wears to and from games (while listening to Bon Jovi to get psyched), Berglund attests, “If I could, I’d wear a suit every day.”

Burberry coat, shirt and tie, 7 For All Mankind jeans and Saks Fifth Avenue belt available at Saks Fifth Avenue, Plaza Frontenac, 314.567.9200.
Shot at Foam, 3359 S. Jefferson Avenue.

The Curator

John DeGregorio

Attorney John DeGregorio could give a seminar on the importance of quality-driven shopping. “I don’t buy a ton in one trip. I wait for that one right piece,” he says. More often than not, the “right piece” is one made from a luxurious fabric, has a tailored fit and is tagged with a “Made in Italy” label. “I don’t mind paying a lot for something that I’m going to wear again and again and that packs well.” No stranger to travel, his job has moved him from London to New York, and has required intermittent trips to Milan; he reports having learned a lot about style simply by taking advantage of the great people-watching in those fashion capitals. These days, he works from home in St. Louis, and spends about a week each month in New York—during which he makes time for stops into Barneys, Bergdorf Goodman and Saks Fifth Avenue. Jil Sander and Helmut Lang are his go-to’s, as are Chelsea boots; he owns seven pairs. Apparently, quantity can be a good thing, too.

Armani suit, shirt and tie, Salvatore Ferragamo belt and Hugo Boss boots available at Saks Fifth Avenue, Plaza Frontenac, 314.567.9200.
Shot in front of Globe Drug, 2626 Cherokee Street.

The Rebel

Jeff Clarke
Co-Founder & Agent of Mother Model Management

“They’re the focus of everything I wear,” Jeff Clarke says of the colorful tattoos that canvas his body from shoulders to shins. It makes perfect sense, when you consider that his everyday (and night) uniform consists of a black hat, a plain tee, casual shorts and sneakers. What’s less clear is just how his tats factor into his glamorous everyday gig: scouting prospective highfashion models for national and international runways. “I don‘t have anything dark. No skulls,” he defends. Instead, Clarke favors “earth elements” and words—like “Born Again” (on his wrists), “King of Kings” (on his chest) and “Stay True” (across his knuckles). The latter seemingly serves as a successful reminder to remain unfazed by an industry comparatively less enthralled by names he’s long loved, like Converse and Greedy Genius. In fact, he laughs at the notion of packing an upgraded “away uniform” for the biannual, month-long show season that has him “mothering” models from New York to Paris. “I take a bag just for sneakers.”

Saks Fifth Avenue tee, BOSS Hugo Boss khakis, Ray-Ban sunglasses, Burberry watch and David Yurman necklace, pendant and ring available at Saks Fifth Avenue, Plaza Frontenac, 314.567.9200.
Tattoos by Trevor Collis of Iron Age. Shot in front of “Stencil World” public mural on Cherokee Street.

The Spy Guy

Christopher Chung
CEO, Missouri Partnership

Call it an oxymoron, but— when talking style—Christopher Chung is decidedly best summed up as an “approachable James Bond.” He’s friendly, he’s modest and he pulls from a closet stocked with a range of sleek pieces—from casual wear he purchased at H&M to customfit suits he wears to work. Thanks to his post as CEO of Missouri Partnership (focused on attracting new business and industry to the state), he travels regularly—which adds to his somewhat-mysterious persona (aided by a pair of black sunglasses), and keeps his wardrobe interesting. He occasionally returns from trips with out-of-the-ordinary cuff links, and calls his graphic tee collection from Japan the closest thing he owns to “over-the-top.” Unlike Bond, he hates watches, but, “I do own a tuxedo,” he confirms. “I had to watch a YouTube video to figure out the bowtie.”

Armani suit, Saks Fifth Avenue shirt, Hugo Boss tie and Gucci belt available at Saks Fifth Avenue, Plaza Frontenac, 314.567.9200.
Shot in front of Aisle 1 Gallery, 2627 Cherokee Street.

The Frontman

Sam Foxman
Senior Partner, Contemporary Events, LLC

It’s not that Sam Foxman’s look screams “rocker,” but it definitely complements the career of one who spends his days producing shows featuring big-name musicians. While he keeps it business on the top—most often by way of a custom shirt (by local custom clothier Bill Whitney), a sport coat and pocket square—his affinity for wearing jeans on a near-daily basis points to a probable cool side, which is easily confirmed with a quick scan of his pristine closet. Included in the mix are KISS and The Smiths concert tees, a leather motorcycle jacket that comes out at night and a favorite carryall he’s had for 10 years that was made to hold a DJ’s records. “When I was growing up, I took fashion cues from my favorite musicians: Morrissey, Bowie and Jagger,” he admits, which explains the long-hair stage of his early 20s. Today, glasses are this frontman’s signature; he has six pairs in his daily rotation. “Sometimes I feel like Elton John with all these glasses,” he quips. However, skinny and a fan of velvet jackets, he’s clearly more “Jagger.”

Versace blazer and jeans, Faconnable shirt, Saks Fifth Avenue shoes and pocket square and Salvatore Ferragamo belt available at Saks Fifth Avenue, Plaza Frontenac, 314.567.9200.
Shot at 2720 Cherokee.

The Risk-Taker

Fred Bronstein
President & CEO, St. Louis Symphony

While in high school and college (in Boston, where his father worked as an Executive Vice President of Filene’s), Fred Bronstein wore a ponytail and played guitar in a garage band. He eventually cut his hair and turned to classical piano, but it seems the President & CEO of the St. Louis Symphony never lost his love for the loud. It’s arguably most apparent in his choice of somewhat wild shirt-and-tie combinations, which have become his staples. “Ties are one of the few ways men can distinguish themselves,” Bronstein says, justifying his 100-plus collection. “And I don’t wear white shirts, except with tuxedos.” He favors purple. Although he estimates wearing a suit 90 percent of the time, Bronstein spends his hours off in classic jeans and a leather jacket—with his 3-year-old, who has already walked in a Neiman Marcus fashion show. It seems style is in the Bronstein blood.

Armani suit, Hugo Boss shirt, Burberry tie and Saks Fifth Avenue shoes and belt available at Saks Fifth Avenue, Plaza Frontenac, 314.567.9200.
Shot in front of El Bronco, 2812 Cherokee Street.

The Mix Master

Anthony Slaughter
Metortologist, KSDK

“A typical day for me is jeans or shorts with a t-shirt or hoodie, depending on the season,” admits meteorologist Anthony Slaughter, of his off-the-clock style. There’s no questioning the fact that he’s low maintenance—he does, in fact, cut his own hair. But, for the cameras, he turns it on in one of eight suits and one of “millions” of ties. He keeps his “accessories” limited to stud earrings, his ever-changing facial hair and Polo Sport. Slaughter names Will Smith and The Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore and Paul Goodloe his style icons, and—though a longtime avoider of shirts and ties—he has learned to mix and match bold, striped, patterned and plaid styles like nobody’s business. Surprisingly, it’s a skill that has trickled into his favored casual wear. He showed up to his Men of Style shoot in a Sesame Street tee and a pair of plaid shorts, both in various shades of yellow and red. Though an unlikely choice, it worked.

Saks Fifth Avenue cardigan, tie, pants, wingtips and belt, Michael Kors shirt and Gucci bag available at Saks Fifth Avenue, Plaza Frontenac, 314.567.9200.
Shot at The Mud House, 2101 Cherokee



Patrick Berglund

Patrick Berglund


John DeGregorio

Christopher Chung


Jeff Clarke

Jeff Clarke


Christopher Chung

Christopher Chung


Sam Foxman

Sam Foxman


Fred Bronstein

Fred Bronstein


Anthony Slaughter

Anthony Slaughter


Photo credit: Photos by Wesley Law; Hair and Makeup by Megan Dugan, Alison Silvagnoli Hampton and Valerie Brown

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