Meet The Leading Ladies Of Skinnygirl's New Wine Collection

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Skinnygirl’s new pinot grigio, chardonnay and cabernet sauvignon join the growing family of guilt-free products that bring the sophisticated flavors wine lovers desire without the added calories or outrageous price tag.

Image courtesy of Skinnygirl

Image courtesy of Skinnygirl

Skinnygirl’s pinot grigio is a balance of sweet and citrus that make this crisp white a great go-to wine. The pinot plays well with food pairings, especially cocktail party dishes like bruschetta. While pinot may be the newest trend in white wines, fans of the classic chardonnay can find rich notes of French oak along with hints of fruit in the low-cal version offered by Skinnygirl. A glass of this white should be a crowd-pleaser, pairing well with a wide array of dishes, such as herb-roasted chicken or lemony shrimp scampi. Even carry-out Indian or Chinese would taste great with the bright flavors of the Skinnygirl chardonnay.

Those looking to indulge in a full-bodied red should turn to the cabernet sauvignon with its notes of plum, black cherry and warm spice. Skinnygirl’s cab has bold enough flavors to stand up to heartier main entreés like filet mignon or fork-tender braised short ribs. Also, those with a sweet tooth should be pleased to know that this red tastes fabulous with a little dark chocolate—a decadent end to any meal.

With only 100 calories per glass, Skinnygirl offers what every wine drinker loves without any guilt. The full collection of wines as well as Skinnygirl’s ready-to-serve cocktails and naturally flavored vodkas can be purchased throughout the area where liquor is sold.

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