Meet ‘Summertime Blues’ Fashion Editorial Contributor Caleigh Hampton

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One of the greatest things about developing a fashion editorial for ALIVE Magazine is having the opportunity to work with a variety of creative contributors from St. Louis and beyond. For our latest, “Summertime Blues,” we had a blast with up-and-coming model and Atlanta native Meredith Mickelson, as well as hair and makeup contributor Caleigh Hampton. Although Hampton is in the early stages of her career, her skills and professionalism have earned her a spot on the roster of ALIVE’s “Let’s Come Together” issue.

Photo courtesy of Caleigh Hampton.

Photo courtesy of Caleigh Hampton.

Age: 22
Years in your field: 4
Instagram: @_caleighampton

What inspired you to get into the field of hair & makeup?
I have always loved being up to date with what is going on in the industry. I started coloring my own hair at 10—I pulled it through the cap with some highlights, which looking back on is so funny! I started getting into the “no-makeup makeup” whenever my Catholic grade school wouldn’t let any of the girls wear makeup. I was always sneaking some mascara. After high school, I didn’t want to attend a “normal” college because I wasn’t interested in anything. I toured Paul Mitchell the School St. Louis and fell in love!

In your field do you consider yourself an innovator or a perfectionist?
Definitely both. There are certain aspects that I am so particular on. I am always in to catching things before they become “on trend” in the magazines. I feel as though my work looks much better when I don’t sit there and analyze every detail before a photo of the model happens.

What is your favorite part of doing hair or makeup for an editorial shoot?
My favorite part is most definitely seeing the results as I’m sure anyone could agree upon. I love getting to know the photographer’s vision and helping create the final product.

What is the one beauty item that you can’t live without?
CHANEL micro serum. I believe the only way to achieve beautiful makeup is with prepped hydrated skin.

What would someone be surprised to find out about you?
My favorite band is Black Sabbath.


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