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This weekend, Go Blog Social and ALIVE Influencer Network will bring together passionate Midwest-based influencers and content creators with Content High, a social weekend of education, collaboration and events.

We caught up with one of the conference’s keynote speakers, Nicole Alyse, who runs the vintage clothing retail site American Gypsy Vintage and also blogs about everything from pop culture and beauty to travel and trends. Below, the fashion-forward influencer talks about the unexpected, MySpace and the importance of being honest.

Photo courtesy of Nicole Alyse

Photo courtesy of Nicole Alyse

What was your journey to starting these brands?
I’ve always documented everything I’d do since I was 15/16. I loved taking photos of my friends and my outfits, most of which were vintage from thrift stores. So since a young age, I basically was blogging and sharing my “ootds” without knowing what it would turn into!

There’s certainly no roadmap to starting your own business. What have you learned?
I’ve learned it’s all about hard work, being a nice and normal person, connecting and networking in an honest way—always wanting to learn and grow, but never social climbing.

What unexpected experiences have come out of it? What has been your favorite?
Oh, every day is unexpected! With blogging, every day I work with a new brand. Some of which I’ve loved my whole life and never thought they’d be sending me clothes or paying me for my content. etc.

For this conference, you’ll be speaking about how to stay relevant in the digital age as an influencer. Can you share a little about how your approach to content and your own brand changed since you started?
When I started, it was way back when MySpace was big. I was one of those girls who oddly was popular without meaning to be. To this day, I still get told from people that they’ve followed me since there and had a huge impact on how they grew up and their outlook on life, fashion, music, etc. So since then, my brand has grown with me, and more into a business, and not a public photo diary.

What stops will you be making while you’re in St. Louis?
Hopefully some fun vintage and coffee shops! My two favorite things!

Learn more about Nicole at, and get tickets to Content High.

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