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STL’s longtime outdoor theater mixes it up with new innovations and familiar faces


This year, the Muny features the biggest innovation since the stage turntable was installed in 1930. A new scenery wall upstage center made of 694,400 computer-controlled LEDs will become the backdrop for each show, sometimes simply reflecting the scenic world around it, and other times creating a “moment” in the show. Imagine it as a giant television screen. “We think it will give us significant color, light and style for our shows,” Executive Producer Mike Isaacson says. “It’s really cutting-edge design work.” And, for the ecologically minded, the earth-friendly screen eliminates the need for the 128 energy-greedy lamps required last season.

Also new is a pre-show dinner in the Culver Pavillion that was previously a perk only for season ticket holders. The buffet menu ($21.95/$10.50 children) changes for each show and features choices of seasonal starters, salads, sides and entrées, including such tempting fare as hand-carved top round of beef and chicken osso buco. Weekly menus are posted on the Muny website.

Returning to the Muny stage this year is St. Louis’ own Ken Page. Best known for the voice of Oogie Boogie in “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” and originating the role of Old Deuteronomy in “Cats,” Page’s career spans the stage, screen and television. At The Muny this season, Page will portray the Sultan in “Disney’s Aladdin” and Marty in “Dreamgirls” (acting in a scene opposite the character he played in “Dreamgirls” the movie). “I hope I don’t say his lines instead of mine,” Page jokes. Recently, Page moved back to St. Louis but continues to perform across the country.

You can still purchase tickets (or use the free seats!) to “Chicago” (June 25-July 1), “Disney’s Aladdin” (July 5-13), “Dreamgirls” (July 16-22), “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” (July 23-29), “Pirates! (Or, Gilbert & Sullivan Plunder’d)” (July 30-August 5), and “The King and I” (August 6-12).
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Photo credit: Courtesy of The Muny

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