Meet ‘Dream On’ Makeup Artist And Contributor Amber Perry

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Bringing even the most minimal beauty looks to life requires a hair and makeup professional who really understands how to make a model’s natural beauty pop on camera. To create Catalina Ouyang’s bridal glow and sleek hair for the latest ALIVE Wedding editorial, “Dream On,” ALIVE enlisted the help of STL-based beauty maven Amber Perry.

Photo courtesy of @theamberperry on Instagram.

Photo courtesy of @theamberperry on Instagram.

Age: 23
Years in your field: 5

What inspired you to get into the field of hair and makeup?
I’ve always been into anything beauty related. Making a career out of something else never really crossed my mind.

In your field, do you consider yourself an innovator or a perfectionist? 
Somewhere in between. There’s times on shoots where I’ll use lip gloss as hair gel or like how something non-intentional turns out. Other times, I make sure a look is exactly how I envision it.

What is your favorite part of doing hair or makeup for an editorial shoot?
Bringing a concept to life. I love creative freedom and working with so many inspiring people.

What is the one beauty item that you can’t live without?
I’m always trying new things; if you ask me this question next month, it’ll probably be different from now. In general, I always carry lip balm and a nude lip liner.

What would someone be surprised to find out about you?
I’ve been in a relationship with my significant other for 9 years.

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